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At NCS we carefully evaluate our impact to ensure that NCS continues to deliver for young people and communities. Young people on NCS complete detailed surveys before and after the programme. These results are compared to a control group of similar young people, so we can be sure we're making a difference.

As NCS passes the milestone of 200,000 young people having taken part, the latest evaluation of our 2014 programme - conducted by Ipsos MORI - confirms that NCS is helping to build a more confident, capable, connected and compassionate generation.

As employers increasingly demand more than just academic results, NCS is helping develop confidence around communication, as well as leadership and teamwork skills. Nine out of ten young people complete NCS feeling they’ve learnt important skills for the future, and three in four feel more confident about getting a job. These results endure even one year after completing the programme.

NCS graduates are also equipped with the character strengths needed to flourish in later life, no matter what they choose to do. Our reports show significant and lasting impacts on levels of resilience, wellbeing and anxiety at a time when these attributes are being widely recognised as crucial.

NCS brings together young people from all backgrounds and the report shows that – by doing this – NCS widens social networks, builds social cohesion and increases levels of social trust.

NCS also allows young people to make a mark on their communities, with young people so far having spent nearly five million hours on their NCS social action projects. More importantly, our summer programme leads to higher levels of volunteering in the months after NCS. Even one year after graduating, NCSers are helping out for 6 hours per month more than their peers.

What’s more, investment in NCS is proving to bring substantial returns, with the boffins confirming that NCS is an investment in our future. An average of £2.65 of benefits are returned to society for every £1 invested on NCS. And the vast majority of NCS parents tell us that it represents great value for money.

For more information on NCS click here or email us at Scroll down to download our 2013 ‘one year on’ study, the full evaluation report for 2014, and those for previous years.

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