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You'll spend four days and three nights away from home, getting stuck into adrenaline-fuelled outdoor activities and making new mates along the way. Then a night back at home for some much- needed rest!
You’ll learn essential life skills from local business leaders, gain confidence in public speaking, communications skills and budgeting. And it looks great on your CV and UCAS personal statement!
You'll head back home with your newfound skills and confidence to launch a social action project based on an issue you feel passionate about. You’ve only got 30 hours to do it, so get going!
In such a short period of time you’ll have overcome challenges, pushed yourself into new and exciting territories, and had experiences you never thought possible. So now it’s time to come together and celebrate!

Why do NCS this autumn half term?


4 days away from home. 3 days learning skills for your future. 30 hours of social action on an issue YOU feel passionate about. It’s the week where you get to chill out, experience exhilarating outdoor activities, nail down the skills you’ll need for your future and meet a whole bunch of amazing people at the same time. And you’ll be getting all of this for no more than £50, with bursaries available. So what’s stopping you?