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A Guide to teen balance

Growing up can be challenging at times, and for many teenagers, it’s hard to strike a balance between school, studies and socialising. In partnership with OnePoll, we surveyed teens, parents and business leaders for their views on how young people can be supported when facing exam anxiety and stress. What do parents of teenagers need to know? Almost 70% of teens think that good exam results are the most important thing employers look for. At the same time, 67% of UK business leaders say younger employees often lack necessary skills such as time management and teamwork. Below you can see the results of our survey, some tips from leading experts in business and  education. Find out how NCS Summer 2017 is a chance for young people to develop the skills employers are looking for – confidence, leadership and communication.




Almost a third of 15-17 year-olds and parent/Guardians feel anxious about the coming academic year

11% of parent/ guardians feel well prepared for the coming academic year

Over half of 15-17 year-olds are worried about how to find balance in their lives

63% of young people would first turn to their parents for help if they were struggling to balance academic work and social life

More than a third of parents say they lack the confidence to advise their teens on balancing school work and socialising

16% of young people want to prioritise a balanced lifestyle between studying and socialising

Over 40% of parents worry that their child will miss out on skills and life experiences if they spend too much time studying

Almost 70% of 15-17 year-olds think that good exam results are the most important thing employers look for

50% of UK parents believe their child should put school/college before everything else if they want to do well in the future

70% of business leaders agree that many vital work skills are not taught in the classroom

Business leaders' top advise to young people

67% of UK business leaders say young employees often lack necessary skill such as time management and teamwork


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  • Expert Advice

    How can teens strike a balance between work and out-of-school activities? Professor Tanya Byron offers her advice to parents of teenagers.

  • What the grads say

    Grad Advice

    Laura Church reveals how an active social life on NCS helped boost her confidence and secure a job.

  • NCS ambassadors

    Top tips from Jess Glynne and Jamal Edwards on how to deal with pressure.

  • Business leaders

    Business leader advice on NCS

    70% of UK business leaders say that many of the skills needed to do well at work are not, or cannot, be taught in the classroom.

One unmissable week this Autumn

Whilst on an NCS programme, young people develop the skills employers value – confidence, leadership and communication. The whole experience is available for just £50, including food, travel and accommodation. Reward your teen with an experience they’ll never forget!