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NCS in your school

We believe NCS is something that every year 11 and year 12 student should have the chance to do. That’s why we’re keen to visit schools and colleges across the country to help more young people sign up for this life-changing experience.

Ofsted guidance for inspectors mentions NCS as a programme likely to be referenced by secondary schools and whose positive impact on pupils, where evidenced, may be considered as part of the inspection report. We have created a checklist here to be completed by schools or colleges highlighting your engagement with NCS and the impact of on your students. 

NCS Trust has put a lot of effort into working towards GDPR compliance. We know that schools and colleges have been doing the same. Read more here.

NCs for your teen

How we work with schools

NCS is a great addition to any out of school activities that your school or college may already organise. We are able to offer the following range of activities tailored to suit your needs:

NCS visits
We can offer guided assemblies led by NCS provider staff for year 11 and year 12 students, as well as NCS-led tutorials and information stands at careers and freshers’ fairs. We also offer an NCS presence at parents’ evenings with special Q&A sessions.

Sharing information
NCS can provide awareness-raising emails for parents, as well as content for school newsletters, and presentations from NCS grads who can talk about their experiences on the programme.

Champion Schools
Each year we award 'Champion' status to schools and colleges across England. The status is given to those institutions who have excelled in promoting the programme and recruiting young people to take part over the last academic year. Last year we awarded this status to 345 schools and colleges. This was celebrated by Secretary of State for Education, Justine Greening alongside the launch of the tool on this website to allow schools to see how many of their students took part in NCS last year. 

Teacher support
We can provide guided skills sessions led by NCS staff in order to support teachers with classroom activities such as exam prep.

"I would urge schools and colleges to work with NCS and together we can help prepare and develop young people for the future"

Brian Lightman, former general secretary, ASCL


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