15 Minute Revision Breaks: Make More of Your Downtime

ncs 11/04/2019
take a break 2019

Your revision plan is full-on – naturally, you’ll flag and need a break from time to time. Want a quick breather? Need to clear your head? We’ve put together 15 ideas for 15 minute breaks. Why not try one now?

1. Go for a little walk or jog

You can spend a lot of your time sitting still. So when you are taking a break, why not make it an active one – it should work wonders for easing your stress.

2. Read a chapter (or two) of a book

Reading a book as a break from revision isn’t for everyone, but this is an opportunity to transport yourself to another world, and that could be just what you need.

3. Head to YouTube 

Yeah, you’ve got this one. You know what you like. So does YouTube. Fill your boots. But maybe set a timer…

4. Get outside for some fresh air

Whether it’s your local park, your study buddy’s garden or a roof terrace (ooh, nice) find yourself a spot where you can enjoy a change of scenery and a bit more oxygen.

5. Make time for a proper tea break

Boil the kettle, give it time to brew, hug your mug while you wait for it to be ‘optimum drinking temperature’ and then, savour every last sip. Crucially, without thinking about your exams. Ah, bliss. 

6. Do a few sun salutations

Lover of yoga or new to it, a few sun salutations will get your aching back bending and stretching in all the right places. And there are some brilliant YouTube videos to talk you through the whole thing. 

7. Have a power nap

It’s mentally draining to revise for hours at a time. Allow yourself to think about nothing and have a short but sweet nap. Don’t forget to set an alarm!

8. Call a mate

After a few hours buried in your books, you might feel a little lonely, but it’s important to remember you’re not alone! Schedule a break for the same time as a friend and have a little catch up.

9. Listen to your favourite tunes

Chances are you can’t concentrate as well when your music is playing, so take some time to blast out your favourites and have a dance while you’re at it. 

10. Doodle

Mindlessly doodle flowers, craft a cartoon dog, sketch a scene or draw you after exams – whatever you do, make sure you take (at least) 15 minutes doing it, and enjoy.

11. Have a relaxing shower

Refresh yourself with a spontaneous shower. Sing out loud and use ‘the fancy stuff’. Lovely. 

12. Go screen-free

That’s right. For 15 minutes. You can do anything BUT look at your phone or any other screen. ...Or revise, because that kind of misses the point too!

13. Break the slump with star jumps

Chances are, you’ve not moved much today. Take a break and get the blood flowing to wake up those weary brain cells. How does 40 star jumps sound? 

14. Make yourself a healthy snack (and eat it!) 

It’s super easy to snack on crisps and fizzy drinks, but things like healthy homemade cereal bars and smoothies will give you slow-release energy and help you make the most of your revision sessions.

15. Try some mindful meditation

Take a few minutes to focus on your breathing and calm your body and mind. There are plenty of apps that can help you with this, try Calm or Headspace.