5 Ways To Destress Before Exams

ncs 23/12/2016

You’d think with all the Christmas festivities kicking in, the last thing on your mind would be the stresses of school work. Ah, but who can forget about the GCSE mock exams, which are right around the corner *sigh*. We understand that the stress is getting…real…so here are a few ways to destress before you get into those hard-hitting exams!

Get some pet therapy

According to a study, petting a dog or cat can actually lower blood pressure, reduce your heart rate and lift your mood! So grab your furry little friend, and pet away until your cat purrs.


Calm your mind with some yoga and meditation. Let go of all that tension, do some downward dog and breathe. Namaste.

Write it out

Feel like you’re going to explode from all that stress? Get your moleskine and a snazzy fountain pen, then write down all your thoughts and feelings – it helps!


Make a playlist with all your favourite tunes, and escape in the world of tunes. There’s nothing more relaxing than dancing along to your favourite beat.


People say laughter is the best medicine, and we couldn’t agree more! Get your best mates, and laugh the stress away.


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