7 StudyTubers You Have To Check Out - NCS Grad, Katie

ncs 26/04/2019

In a recent survey we ran, we found that 92% of parents believe there is too much pressure on them and their teenagers at exam time. While, 41% of teens say their parents try hard but don’t know how to help them revise. Enter, ‘StudyTubers’. Nearly one in three teenagers say these creators offer social support and reassurance for students who feel isolated. 

So over to NCS grad, Katie. StudyTubers helped Katie get through her GCSEs. Here she explains why and lists seven of her favourites.

I got some amazing tips and advice about exams, university and mental health from StudyTubers videos. Some of their stories are incredibly inspiring. I learned a lot from watching them and they helped to motivate me before revising.

Unjaded Jade 

She got amazing grades at A-Level and GCSE, so it goes without saying she has some great advice. She focuses on having a positive mindset and talks a lot about self-confidence. The overriding message in her videos is to look after your mental health.

Eve Cornwell 

Now a coffee-obsessed law grad, Eve is embarking on her journey to become a lawyer. She’s one to check out if you’re interested in law. Even if you’re not, just watch her videos for the editing, they are so funny and well put together. They put me in a good mood, especially when I was feeling a little overwhelmed with work.

Ibz Mo 

His story is truly inspirational and makes you realise the potential education has to change your life. He is currently a student at Cambridge Uni, promoting diversity and encouraging students to realise their potential and not let their history or backgrounds discourage them.

Eve Bennett

It’s easy to look at StudyTubers and see them as superhumans who study 24/7 and always get the best grades, however, Eve's honesty and openness about mental health and her experience of education from her A-Levels into Oxford University is relatable, and even reassuring at times.

Ruby Granger 

Harry Potter, books, productivity, studying... Ruby Granger's videos may seem daunting at first with her 15-hour study day, but she manages to show how learning can be enjoyable, and that education is a gift. A message which can easily be lost when our school lives are so heavily fixated around exams. 

Holly Gabrielle

I have a huge amount of admiration for how Holly manages to balance her life. She is studying for a biology degree at Cambridge University, she is on the dance team, maintains a vegan lifestyle and still spends time socialising with her friends. 

She really demonstrates how you don’t need to spend all your time studying to reach your academic goals and how important it is to find a healthy and sustainable balance.

Study Vibes 

Rather than doing study vlogs, Heleen does live study streams as she studies for her chemical engineering degree. She follows a simple structure and will study for 50 minutes and then take a 10-minute break (when she turns on Live Chat). I would watch her videos when I studied for my GCSEs and they really helped me focus.

Remember though... 

StudyTubers don't work every day, nor do they always get everything right. They should motivate you but not make you feel bad about the time you spend working, or make you worry about whether you're doing enough. 

Going into exam season try to put your mental health first. If you’re doing your GCSEs, I’ve been there. They can be a stressful couple of weeks, but they’re not everything and once they’re over you have a real chance to pursue what makes you happy. Hopefully you find this list helpful. Good luck with your exams and plans for the future!