Am I Normal? - NCS Grad, Jessica

ncs 16/03/2018

Normal in our eyes is someone who acts like the “perfect” human being.

Someone who makes the right amount of mistakes and still wins. This “normal” person is an average of us all. If we all try to be this person we are not being ourselves, we are just making us closer to the statistic. In short, no one is “normal”.

Most of the important people that we recognise today were not considered normal because they stood out for all sorts of reasons. By doing this they have changed all our lives for the better. If someone hadn’t thought of the idea of NCS, you wouldn’t be reading this now and I wouldn’t be writing it. It all started with one person saying yes and now we can’t stop saying it.

Let me tell you what I see as normal: different behaviours, because everything that has affected us in one way or another will make us react differently to situations and it’s a shame that most of the ones I see are negative.

"He covered his face so that nobody would see, the beauty that he’d be if someone looked at thee.

Words that we sang when I saw a man with a blue hood carrying the mask of a hopeless artefact".

No matter what you have on show, everyone feels down or lacking in self-confidence sometimes. Self-confidence is a very difficult skill to grasp - especially if you know that there will be some people who will beat you down.

The world would be a better place if we were all nice to each other, but for whatever reason, people will point out things that they are not accustomed to and that are why there’s such a thing as ‘childish behaviour’ - because people are ignorant to change. The biggest lesson we can learn from this is self-acceptance because we are the only ones who have ourselves as our company 24/7 till the day we die. Whether or not you’re happy with that, it is possible to change your outlook on yourself. It takes a long time, but it is always possible, and the number one rule for it is not to gain self-respect from others because opinions change and as soon as theirs does so does your confidence. You need to find a way to gain confidence and self-respect from yourself.

I’ve been a teen for a while now. It’s not easy, but it will soon end; emotions will be skyrocketing, your opinions will change as well as your perspective on life. No matter what happens to you as a teen, do not stop following your dreams, otherwise, your path will have nowhere to go for the next couple of years and it’s going to be very hard to build a new one. 

Identity is a confusing thing in the modern world because we “catfish” ourselves sometimes. We expect ourselves to be one thing when we are another. What we say is different to what we do and, depending on what we do, people will always judge us for it. I’m not saying don’t follow the crowd, but to have your own trail beside it so you know which turns not to take. If others make a mistake, don’t make the same ones because it restricts the ways your paths can go.

Understanding yourself and making your own unique imprint on this world is what makes you ... well, you! It’s what makes celebrities different to the rest of us and successful people stand out, which improves the overall quality of their lives. If you want to get there you have to make your own way, you can’t rely on others or expect them to get you there - use them only for guidance.