Being you... the struggle is real

ncs 18/10/2016

Last week we mentioned that we’ve teamed up with the i newspaper to hear your thoughts on some hot topics that affect teens. Today’s blog brings you some interesting research that shows how teens feel the need to change their identity in order to fit in. 

When the school year begins, it’s natural to get into survival mode and conform to various social groups to make growing up just a tad easier. If you’re reading this, and feel like you’ve been guilty of conforming to certain peer pressures – stop! Wanting to fit in is only human and many of us have done it at one point or another.

Think about some of the choices you’ve had to make just to get that sense of belonging. The type of clothes you choose to wear, the type of phone you have (iPhone or Samsung) and let’s not forget to mention the sports and after-school activities you’ve signed up for – gymnastics? Football? Let’s face it, it doesn’t matter which generation you’re a part of, peer pressure has always been a teenage angst. Did you know teens are twice as likely as adults to feel like they need to change themselves in order to fit in with their peers?

With this in mind, we wanted to see whether or not one gender felt more pressure to fit in over the other. Our research reveals that almost half of women feel they have to change their appearance, depending on who they’re with, versus 35% of young men. When asked if they feel like they have to change the way they talk in order to fit in, 66% of young women say they do, compared with 56% of young men. In terms of sexuality, 65% of LGBT teens feel like they have to change their personality depending on who they’re with, compared to 53% of heterosexual teens. 

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