Facing your fears like an X Factor Contestant

ncs 7/10/2016

Some things in life are truly nerve-racking: doing an exam, waiting for exam results…to be honest, anything to do with exams. Further down the line, there’s a whole lifetime of jittery moments to overcome – from that dream job interview to who knows, lining up a 90th minute penalty in the Champions League final... No doubt, not many things are more terrifying than getting on-stage and performing to a live audience (with millions tuning in). So we thought we’d investigate how these X Factor success stories managed to face their fears and wow the crowds.


Back in 2011, Little Mix rose to X Factor fame and have since enjoyed chart success on either side of the Atlantic; they’ve had three platinum albums, three UK number one singles, and even beat the Spice Girls’ record for the highest debut US chart position for a British girl group. Even so, member Jade Thirlwall admits she still gets butterflies in her stomach before going on-stage.

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"I get really bad stage nerves, so I always do techniques to calm my nerves before I go on stage,” she told Maximum Pop. “The four of us listen to hype music before we go on and we all get in a little huddle with our team, we do a little speech, a cheer, and get everyone pumped."

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There have been some heart-warming, fear-defying X Factor moments down the years, like when Christopher Maloney shook off his nerves to wow the judges back in 2012. And in the 2016 series, James Wilson, who has severe dyslexia and lives in a caravan in the Yorkshire Dales, showed amazing character in fighting his fears during a performance of Ray Lamontagne’s Jolene.


As every NCSer knows, meeting new people isn’t all easy breezy – on day one it’s understandable if those nerves are jangling! But once you step off the coach and shake a few hands, you’ll be amazed at how quickly the ice doesn’t just break, it melts into a pool of icy nothingness.


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