Feel Unstoppable

ncs 25/01/2018

While everyone gets something different from their NCS experience, the one thing we’ve heard time and time again from you guys (and from parents and guardians too) is that NCS gave people the confidence to grab life by the....(ahem) collar and smash through any obstacle that might be ahead. In other words - you feel unstoppable.

To celebrate this unstoppable feeling, we’ve made some of our NCS graduates the stars of our latest ad - showing them doing their thing, feeling their flow and just how good it is to feel unstoppable.

There’s Jordan, who says NCS has changed his life as well as encouraged him to follow his passions and run. Fast.

There’s also Megan, who is now much more confident in who she is thanks to NCS and proud to be the British School Girl’s Judo Champion. She’s also ranked 4th in GB for under 18’s. Impressive stuff. NOTE TO SELVES: do not mess with Megan.

Finally, there’s Leona, who is passionate about having a voice in society, and in her own words - “NCS has given me the skills that I will need to get to know people that I would not habitually come into contact with”. Nice one, Leona.

Check out Jordan, Megan, Leona and lots more grads in our latest film. And if you fancy feeling unstoppable this summer too, sign up to NCS and get involved. What’s stopping you?


  • Our new film stars over 50 of our amazing NCS grads doing what they do best. Sprinting, footballing, debating, judoing, baking, creating, beatboxing, dancing, and even a trick shot or two. Clearly, you guys are made for the spotlight.

  • We filmed all over the country to capture everyone doing their thing - from the rolling hills of the Pennines to the dazzling lights of Crawley! DISCLAIMER: Lights may not dazzle if you visit.

  • Behind the camera was best-urban-video director Hector Dockrill, who spends his spare time shooting music videos with the likes of Ray BLK and Stormzy.