Foodbank Friendly's Ted Talk

ncs 31/05/2019

Recently we told you all about Jess and Izzy C’s big upcoming Ted Talk. In this blog we ask other members of the 13-strong Foodbank Friendly team how they found the experience, we’ll show you Jess and Izzy in action, and catch up with them afterwards. Spoiler alert: They were awesome! 

What were your personal highlights?

Rhys said, “It’s hard to say because the entire experience was just so incredible. If I had to pick one, it would be the trip up to London to do the media coverage. It was just such a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and such a change of pace from Devon.”

Izzy G answered, “The impact the project had on my local community was very rewarding and humbling.”

Where are you now? 

Izzy G is busy at college: “I am studying English, History and Photography whilst keeping up with two part-time jobs.” Meanwhile Rhys is, “Studying for A-Levels, training for the world scout jamboree and raising money for my autumn trip to India.”

Did you know your project has resulted in a petition with over 105,000 signatures, asking all supermarkets to implement your initiative?

Matt responded with, “No I didn't know, but that makes me feel very proud of what our team has accomplished!”

How do you feel about all you’ve achieved?

Rhys answered with: “Overall I’m just proud to see how a small, little summer project exploded into something so big.” 

What lessons have you learnt along the way? 

Izzy G says, “I have learnt to accept that it's okay to open up to people about how I'm feeling and share my ideas.” Rhys said, “Never be afraid to just do something. I was hesitant to even do NCS! When we originally tried to get a store to carry our labels, we got rejected a few times, but we kept going, even though we had a fear of rejection.” 

What tips would you give to others completing social action projects?

“Give it everything you have, it’s surprising how many people's lives you can touch! It doesn’t have to be big – I think if you can improve just one person’s life, it will have been worth the 2 weeks of effort you put in.” suggested Rhys.

And Izzy C said “Think simple. Start with an idea that can grow. Pick something your whole team is passionate about. You’ll enjoy it more and you’ll inspire more people to get involved.”

Thanks, team – it’s great to find out more about how this project came together! Now over to Jess and Izzy with their TedxExeter talk. Check it out!

Amazing stuff! We spoke with them shortly after to get their thoughts on how it all went...

What was the biggest challenge?

Jess: The biggest challenge for me is when I’m nervous I talk very, very fast. And when I’m in an uncomfortable situation or if I’m scared I do all I can to leave that situation quicker. But obviously today I was just thinking breathe. I was quite proud of myself for actually being quite clear. Yeah!

Izzy: It was walking out onto the stage! I had a helping hand push me forward. And just overcoming the fear of, “Oh my god, what if it goes wrong? What if I get scared?”.

What was the best part of doing this?

Izzy: I think for me it’s the amazing people you meet through doing it, you listen to some of the stories and they’re incredible.

Jess: Coming off the stage. When we’d finished it, knowing we’d done it, absorbing all the claps, it was just amazing. We didn’t think going on a four-week programme in the summer last year would get us this far. We’re young, we’re the youngest speakers today. But I think we’ve done ourselves proud!

Thanks to the Foodbank Friendly team for sharing their experience. You should all feel really proud for all that you’ve achieved!