Grace F Victory Gives Us Her Body Confidence Top Tips

ncs 4/05/2017
Grace Victory

This week we're talking body image and after looking at the facts we shared them with Grace F Victory to see what she thought and to give us her top tips of being comfortbale in your own skin. 

"Growing up I struggled massively with body image and it affected my mental health greatly. There was nobody that looked like me on TV or on the cover of magazines so I knew from a very young age that I wasn’t the ‘ideal’ beauty. 

"We live in a society where nobody really teaches self love, we are just meant to somehow learn it? There are no lessons at school covering topics like ‘how to accept your body’ & unfortunately many parents also fail to educate their children (mine included) about the negative thoughts they might experience about how they look.

"The pressure for many to conform is astounding and with mental health issues and eating disorders on the rise - we have to do more to support this generation.

"We need to start teaching young people - especially girls, that they are more than what they look. That legs aren’t meant to be thin, they’re meant for you to walk. That tummies aren’t supposed to be flat and your skin isn’t supposed to be perfectly clear. I believe empowering women is the answer to fixing a society that is so obsessed with weight and appearance and looking a particular way. Unfortunately that particular way is usually unattainable and damaging to emotional, mental and physical health. 

"There has to be some sort of revolution, which I think the body positive community is leading already. Although I don’t believe in passing blame onto people suffering with body image issues, we do have to take a small amount of responsibility. We should stop buying trashy magazines that tell you how to lose a stone in a month on one page and then how to bake ‘calorific’ brownies on the next. We are being bullied and attacked every single day by the media, but its packaged up so obscurely that most of us fail to realise. We need to boycott brands and companies who fat shame and call out people on social media who isolate and judge someone, based simply on their appearance.

"You are beautiful no matter what you look like, because contrary to what society may tell you, it really is in the inside that counts. When someone dies, do you remember them for having a great body? Or being aesthetically pleasing? No you don’t. You remember how they made you feel. You remember their laugh and their smile. You remember every single thing, but what they look like. And why? Because in the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t matter.

Your ‘imperfections’ are what make you you and in opinion, you are incredible. Just the way you are."

Wise words! Want to see more of Grace F Victory's body confidence top tips, check out her vlog below on her 8 essentials.