How can you make this the summer of a lifetime?

ncs 13/01/2016

Look out the window – it’s cold, it’s wet, it’s downright GREY (and if not – we’re jealous). We all need a bit of sunshine in our lives, but now’s your chance to get rid of those winter blues and start planning an unforgettable summer with NCS!

Thousands of young people have already joined the amazing NCS journey for the summer programme. Take part in an incredible life adventure where you’ll make new friends, create lasting memories and experience things you’ve never imagined!

You may ask, what’s all the hype about? Well sit back and let us explain. Adrenaline junkies will enjoy phase one, which takes place at an outdoor activity centre where you’ll be able to take on some exciting outdoor challenges – did somebody mention rock climbing? – test your limits, grow in confidence, and canoe your way to a little place called fun! What’s more, you’ll stay in uni-style halls, embracing the true spirit of independent living (like, how to make the perfect beans on toast!)

Phase two is an opportunity to gain UCAS-recognised skills for your personal statement, all while helping to boost your CV, allowing you to stand out from the crowd. You’ll hear some inspirational speakers, before planning your own social action project and learning invaluable life skills like budgeting, public speaking and working in a team. Don’t worry, it’s not like The Apprentice…

Finally, phase three is an amazing experience for all you social action stars who want to make a difference! You’ll get to deliver your very own social project and create a lasting impact in your local community. Once your NCS experience comes to a close, the door opens to a world of amazing graduate opportunities with some of the coolest organisations in the country – volunteering, apprenticeships, you name it! Oh, and you’ll have the chance to attend an amazing graduate celebration to high-five all your new mates and celebrate your accomplishments – just check out NCS YES Live 2016 and you’ll see what we mean.

Now’s the time to make your mark and experience the things you can’t learn at school. There’s no better way to spend the summer than by meeting new people, embracing the great outdoors and discovering a new YOU. So next time your friends ask about your summer plans, you can answer them with three little letters: N-C-S!

What are you waiting for? Start packing your bags and get ready for the experience of a lifetime! Sign up here!