How far is too far for that ‘perfect’ Insta pic? - NCS Grad, Liam

ncs 4/05/2018


If you’re like me, you probably spend a lot of your time scrolling through social media sites too (we can’t help it, it’s addictive!). In fact, I’m pretty sure I spend more time while at home liking pictures my friends have posted of their ‘perfect lives’ than I do completing college work.

If you have friends like mine, then you probably also come across some photos that just can’t be natural! It makes me think, ‘How much effort must they have put into these?’

It's no secret that Instagram is a massive social media trend in today’s world, with names such as Kim Kardashian, Beyoncé and Selena Gomez ruling the scene. The main attraction of these sites is that it offers people of all ages a chance to express themselves on the Internet in a way Facebook and Snapchat can’t.

But the big question is: ‘How far do people go for a “cool” Instagram photo?’

In a recent survey, 8% of participants (grads and non-grads) said they had endangered either themselves or others while attempting to take a quick snap! That’s an insane amount - nearly 1 in every 10 people!

So why are so many people going so far just to take the perfect pic?

The answer lies in Instagram’s greatest strength - the ability to filter someone’s life, creating the picturesque montage of happy friendships and unforgettable nights out. In fact, the app has become so good at its job that many people only see this veil, comparing their lives to the picture-perfect ones they see online.

This creates a pressure to lead a similar life, causing people to go to extremes to appear happy and cool (and that’s not even going into the emotional consequences of living online!).

And that’s the problem: people are so obsessed with this fame that they don’t recognise the danger.

Nowhere has more proof of this happening than YouTube. The site is flooded by stars and users from across the Globe all scrambling for fame and followers. As a result, YouTubers have taken to more and more extreme (and even life-threatening) dares and challenges, to the point where people have died completing extreme stunts!

With Instagram becoming the next big trend, coupled with the results from the survey, it looks like it’s only a matter of time before similar stories flood the news about tragedies from today’s popular social media apps.

If there was a moral that I’ve learnt from doing this blog, it’s probably to be more aware of the impact that social media has on our lives, and ultimately, our health and happiness.

This is my advice: Get off Facebook, spend less time on Snapchat and ignore that camera icon on your phone, because no photo is worth the danger!