It’s World Emoji Day!

ncs 17/07/2016
NCS World Emoji Day

Who needs words when you can publish everything that’s on your mind with emojis – all 1,851 of them!

For one whole day, you’ve got all the permission you need to communicate with hearts, smiley faces and other random characters. Whether you’re sending a text, email or updating your social media status, it’s time to go into emoji overdrive!

And hey, if you want to go as far as dressing up as an emoji, then by all means do it! To join in on all the emoji fun, tweet 50 of your favourite emojis and make sure to use the hashtag #WorldEmojiDay so everyone can follow along. Maybe you’ll meet your emoji bestie or who knows… emoji soulmate. If you need some inspiration, check out some of the best text emoticons, or some which have been paired with GIFS to help paint a picture. Remember, this is the one day no one can judge your emoji overload so make it count!

So why is July 17 the chosen day? If you check the iOS calendar emoji, the date displayed is…(drumroll)... July 17. So it’s only natural that it was chosen to officially mark World Emoji Day. But don’t worry if you’re using a different system that has a different date on the calendar emoji, it’s a celebration for all!

Another added bonus is that your favourite brands (and even musicians) are celebrating Emoji Day with some very cool promotions which you can check out here. Don’t miss out!

Oh, and If you’re lucky enough to have a birthday on July 17, then consider yourself emoji royalty for the day. Wear your proud.

What are your favourite emojis? Tweet us @NCS!