Let’s talk about our body insecurities – NCS grad, Ellie

ncs 15/05/2019

The theme for Mental Health Awareness Week this year is body image. We asked NCS grad, Ellie to share her opinions on this important subject.

In the age of social media and reality TV shows, it is all too easy to compare ourselves with others, and therefore become insecure with our own bodies. So why is this the case? How does this all relate to your mental health? And how can we talk about these issues? 

It is human nature to want to improve ourselves and normally that's okay, however it’s important we want to better ourselves for the right reasons. 

As we are scrolling through Instagram, we can all be guilty of seeing someone, normally a celebrity, and saying, “I wish I had his/her body, I wish I had his/her eyes, legs, physique” etc. I'm definitely guilty of this. Unfortunately, this can sometimes be dangerous to our mental health. 

If we see someone on the Internet that is quite fit and healthy and we are inspired to take up the gym, that's great (as long as it’s done in moderation!). Sometimes this can go further and by wanting to look exactly like the celebrities we idolise, it can cause people to doubt their own bodies and appearances. 

By not liking the way we look, we can become sad, possibly even depressed, about how our bodies are, and it can even cause people to not eat what they need or in severe cases, not eat at all, in order to get that seemingly ‘perfect’ figure. 

Millions of people, both young and old, male and female, from all around the world have thoughts of inadequacy, so you're not alone. If you feel like this, talk to somebody

There seems to be a stigma around talking about body image and it needs to go! If you think you might need to talk to somebody please do, whether that be your friends, family, or whoever, please speak to someone. It may be a little embarrassing at first but as soon as you do, a whole weight will be lifted, I promise. Communication is always the first step to solving any problem.

Overall, just remember that you and your body are unique for a reason. There is no one else in this entire world who is the same as you – isn't that amazing? We were meant to stand out, not fit in, so appreciate your body and roll with it. You're fabulous! 

Always remember to be positive about your body (even if it seems difficult to), and if you want to improve your body, do it because you want to, not because you feel like you have to.  

Thanks Ellie! If you are experiencing some of the issues raised in this blog, we recommend you seek support from Childline, The Mix or Young Minds.