Make NCS Memories Like These This Summer!

ncs 14/03/2019
NCS Memories - Katie's team

What’s NCS really like, though? We asked our grads to share their NCS memories (and all their silly selfies) with us - from unforgettable friendships through to smashing their social action projects - and we’ve picked out our fave four below.

Take a look at their throwback collections and find out what your summer on NCS could look like.

1) Katie and her new friends hit up the Isle of Wight, baked some awesome cakes and smashed their local photo challenge!

2) Harvey found his favourite humans and says NCS was the “Best. Experience. Ever. Period.”

3) Amy and her team built rafts, unleashed their competitive side, and became known as Family 5. “Despite our ups and downs, I wouldn’t have chosen to do my experience with any other group of people,” she says.

4) Kieron was nervous to start NCS, but he made new friends instantly, gained new skills and had a great summer!

Ready to make new friends, gain life skills and step outside your comfort zone? Find out all the details here and make your own memories on NCS.

And when summer hits, don’t forget to tag us in your photos - you never know, we may feature your snaps on social!