Meet the NCS National Youth Board

ncs 24/01/2016
The NCS National Youth Board

You may have heard about these mythical creatures, but just like unicorns, no one knows whether they really exist. Until now! As we introduce you to a few amazing members of the National Youth Board whose commitment to NCS ensures it will remain a life-changing experience for future generations to come. We caught up with Riece Ali (West Midlands), Benjamin Wareing (North West Three) and Delali Avevor (East Midlands) to discuss this weekend’s National Youth Board meet-up in London.

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Ahead of NYB, what are you most excited about?

Riece Ali: I’m most excited about seeing fellow NCS Leaders and making a change for the West Midlands.

Benjamin Wareing: There’s so much I’m excited for – to meet up with my friends from NCS Leaders 2015/16, to help change NCS for thousands of future graduates and to represent my wonderful region on a national level. Plus I hope this opens up more opportunities to represent myself and my region on a national level for many events to come.

Delali Avevor: I’m excited to work with like-minded people to help represent young people across the country and really make a difference.

What is your career goal?

Riece Ali: Bit far out there, but I want to be a film director. But NCS makes me want to be a senior mentor! Bit of a tricky path, but oh well!

Benjamin Wareing: I really hope to become an esteemed journalist. At the moment, I’m a freelance journalist and I’ve written a few viral articles and been featured in the world’s most prestigious news websites, so I’m hoping to expand on that and make a viable career!

Delali Avevor: I would really like to be a doctor. There is just something about helping people that really appeals to me.

What song sums up your NCS squad?

Riece Ali: ‘Don’t Forget Who You Are’ – Miles Kane   

Benjamin Wareing: ‘On Top of the World’ by Imagine Dragons (shout-out to Team Ward, Wave 10 Preston!)

Delali Avevor: ‘I Lived’ by OneRepublic because we really made the most of every second and had so much fun just enjoying being young and adventurous.

What was your NCS Yes moment?

Riece Ali: My NCS Yes Moment was that I basically forgot I was deaf, because NCS made me TRULY put aside my doubts and made me aspire to what I want to be and am.

Benjamin Wareing: Every time I get asked this, I change my answer! At the moment, it would have to be writing a blog every day at NCS Leaders 2015/16. It was tiring and hard work, but everyone loved it, including NCS CEO Michael Lynas!

Delali Avevor: My Yes moment was planning and carrying out the social action projects because that was the moment when everyone came together to make something really special and you could see how everyone’s individual talents made the whole thing such a success. I also loved the fact that [being young] didn’t prevent us from being given the opportunity to help other people.