My Kickstart experience - NCS grad, Saj

ncs 19/10/2018

Over five action-packed days, up to 300 lucky NCS Grads from across the UK get together and form the next 20 Regional Youth Boards. It’s an amazing opportunity to meet other like-minded NCS Grads and get all the skills you need to represent your local area.

NCS Grad, Saj, gives you the lowdown on his Kickstart experience.

Hey guys, Kickstart is finally here! And, as last year was so good, I wanted to tell you all about my experience and the incredible things I got out of it.

Kickstart - NCS Grad, Sajed (Saj)

So quickly, let me introduce myself, my name is Saj (that’s me rocking the banana suit in the picture below). After I completed the NCS Programme in Grimsby, I was told about an opportunity called Kickstart. The name of the event stood out a lot to me, so I just filled out the form and sent it off.

I'd completely forgotten that I’d signed-up to Kickstart when I was told I’d received a place for 2017 (says a lot about my memory, lol). I became an NCS Grad and, at the celebration event, I had the chance to meet the best regional manager ever, Tony Buck!!

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So, on the 23rd October, my Kickstart began. I was starting to make my way to the train station (first time on the train by myself) and along the way, I met people who were also going to Kickstart. It was an amazing journey!

When  I arrived, I was speaking to a lot of people from all around the country and it was just fantastic to hear everyone’s stories, as well as what they are passionate about.

After getting settled in and getting to know the place, we were introduced to our teams. And funnily enough, most of people I met on the train turned out to be in my Regional Youth Board; Yorkshire and Humberside 1 (or just YH1 for short)!!

We started off with lots of activities to get everyone to mix with each other and working as a team to achieve different goals. I wanted to get involved with workshops to improve my skills and learn new ones. I ended up choosing the Leadership Workshop as well as the Expedition Workshop. Both have actually helped me months after Kickstart, so I was glad that I chose them.

The best part of Kickstart is that I got to meet people and enjoy the event with 299 other people from all around England and Northern Ireland, which is crazy to think about!

Here’s a video that summarises Kickstart 2017 perfectly. 

If you happen to be one of the lucky Grads going to Kickstart, make sure you share your experience on social media; I’ll keep an eye out for you. Good luck and have fun!