My Unstoppable Story - Jordan

ncs 27/03/2018

My NCS experience started in the summer of 2017, on the Isle of Wight, a wonderful place in which to be welcomed by a Scottish guy called Archie, who made us very welcome.

The start of this new adventure was an amazing week full of teamwork, laughter, blood, sweat, and tears, and from this, I knew that I was going to love the next few weeks. The following week was our skills week and although it was a tough week, I loved every moment, from learning new skills to strengthening the friendships I had made. Then finally came the last couple of weeks for our community project and my team was known as Frisky not Risky, a project group to help those in need of information on the fantastic topic of sex education, and turned out a complete success. Although at this point the programme was over, I had made so many great memories and friendships, I found the adventure and opportunities I was looking for when I signed up and when I look back, I will never regret a single moment, as NCS has made such an impact on my life, it has helped me become a more positive and socially active person and I’m very grateful for it.

In November 2017, I took part in the NCS Unstoppable advert because it was a new opportunity and it was a way for me to display what NCS means to me, as well as show my dedication to other aspects of my life. Working on the advert was amazing, the opportunity was great and I loved working with the film crew and all the staff members, they were welcoming and were really supportive throughout the whole process. The advert was a way to show my unstoppable, sprinting, and when the advert was released it was great to know that I was a part of it. The last time I felt unstoppable was at training, to push for the next level, the next goal, I have to push myself to my limits to get the results and when I put my mind to it I feel unstoppable. My idea of being unstoppable is that there will always be difficult parts in your path but as long as you can put your mind to it, the unstoppable is you being who you’re nothing else.

 Overall, I’ve had some spectacular memories with NCS, the fantastic people I have met and the experiences I have gained, So if you’re looking at doing NCS I can tell you now there are so many opportunities and experiences that you can take part in that will help you in the future, you just need to keep going and when you see the opportunity grasp it with both hands and enjoy every moment, even if you’re nervous of going out of your comfort zone, you will have the support of every person and you would have created your unstoppable. Just remember it all starts with yes.