NCS Creator Search Competition!

ncs 10/07/2017

Calling all budding YouTubers and creative writers!

Here’s your chance to steal the spotlight and show off your talent. We’re running an NCS Creator Challenge where we’re asking young people to film or write a blog about their NCS experience after the programme. The competition will run throughout the summer, so grab your gear and get filming – or get your laptop and start typing!

How to enter a video…

  • Upload a video to YouTube or Vimeo
  • Title it as ‘My NCS experience’
  • Make sure to include ‘NCS’ in the tag section.

This is très important since this is the only way we’ll know how to find you!

Want to make your video really stand out? Use all kinds of interesting edits and music tracks – go wild! The most important thing is to add a dash of your personality to really make your video unique from the crowd. Psst…don’t forget about the technical bits like making sure the lighting is visible, the sound is clear, and the camera is still!

Check out these examples from some of your favourite YouTubers for inspo!

Watch Wroetoshaw use exciting music and cool angle shots!

Lee Hinchliffe reveals the truth to his viewers…

Check out how Storror use clever editing and action shots to add drama to their video clip.

LukeIsNotSexy uses on-screen graphics to engage his viewers.

Watch Yas & Hals make a simple video, exuding their personalities to win over their viewers!  

Now we know what you’re thinking… what’s the prize? Well if your YouTube video is selected, you’ll be happy to hear the winner gets an afternoon to improve their YouTube awesomeness and learn about all the video-making tips and tricks, like how to edit, and see what it’s like to be a pro YouTuber for the day! Plus you’ll receive £250 worth of filming equipment (of your choice) to really get your future as a YouTuber going.

How to enter a blog…

  • Upload your blog on Tumblr, Wattpad or your personal blogging platform
  • Title it as ‘My NCS experience’
  • Make sure to include ‘NCS’ in the tag section

A winning blog should include writing techniques to add personal flair like, similes and metaphors! Feel free to play around with the sentence structure and length to give it a creative and versatile spin.

The prize for the winning blog is spending an afternoon with a famous writer or author who will teach you the ins and outs of making it in the industry. This includes sharing key writing tips and how to write the perfect blog. Plus you’ll receive £250 worth of camera equipment (of your choice) to help you to become an aspiring blogger.

The deadline to upload your video or blog is on Friday 29 September at 23:59 sharp!

Ts & Cs apply -

Good luck!