An NCS Grad Takeover - Meet Benjamin

georgiapitt 9/12/2015

On Thursday 17th December, something exciting is happening!

Not only is it the day Star Wars launches in cinemas around the UK, but for the first time we'll be inviting one of our talented NCS Gradutes to write a review for all our NCSers.

We’ve teamed up with NCS Graduate Benjamin Wareing to take us through the motions of Thursday’s dramatic day. Sharing his Star Wars journey with us! Benjamin, owner of Next Generation Blogs (who is probably best known for creating a report that certain New York Times journalists didn't fact check) will be heading to his local Odeon Cinema in Preston to become one of the first graduate contributors for the new NCS blog, The Mix. 

So who is Benjamin, we hear you ask!

Bit of a profile

Name: Benjamin Wareing

Occupation: Student / Blogger

Graduated NCS: October 2015

Interests: writing, photography, politics, interviewing celebrities

Dream career:  to become an esteemed journalist.

Proudest moment: Seeing my work published on some of the worlds leading titles.

So Benjamin, we’ll be watching your journey into the unknown on Thursday 17th, but if there is anything you want to ask Benjamin or want him to cover in his review tweet us (@NCS) using #AskBen and we’ll be putting your questions to him!