NCS Grads Give Us Their Thoughts On 2017!

ncs 24/01/2018

We asked six NCS grads to fill us in on their thoughts on the year 2017. Well, let’s just say things got real… really real! These guys gave us the lowdown on everything from Oreos and memes to Big Shaq and YouTube.

What would you rate 2017 on a scale of 1 - 10?

Ayushi – I think it was a six. I had a lot of crap times because of the exams and stuff. But NCS made it okay! After that, everything just went back to normal **laughs**

Krish – I’d give it a seven. It’s been pretty mediocre. In comparison with last year, it’s been pretty boring.

Is there a certain (internet) trend you’re hoping to leave behind in 2017?

Ayushi – There have just been so many bad ones! I think Big Shaq – I love him but he just needs to stop! I can’t… all I hear is Skrrraah and I just… I can’t!

If you could describe 2017 in a nutshell, how would you describe it?

Nimi – I genuinely can’t tell the difference between 2016 and 2017! I don’t remember what happened at what point. What has happened this year? Was Trump president in 2016 or 2017?!

Seven – The election was last year and he’s been in [as president] all year.

Krish – Wait? Was he elected last year?

Everyone – Yes!

Seven – Are you saying that Trump’s existence is, like, a blub of time?

Nimi – It just seems too long. It’s been too long.

Krish – There are worse people out there. Like Kim Jong-un!

Okay, what’s the worst thing to come out of 2017?

Ayushi – YouTube rewind was disgusting. It was just so horrible. It was boring because no one knew who the creators were. The concept was just so boring – repeating the same thing over and over again and they used old memes.

Krish – To be honest, YouTube has kind of fallen off this year - the whole advert thing and making it family friendly and stuff.

Seven – There’s just a lot negativity that’s come out of 2017. People are in a more negative mindset about a fair few topics such as politics… I’ll just leave it there.

Name some of the highlights of 2017

Everyone – **Silence**.

Ayushi – Highlights? When they released mint Oreos!

Ish – I have a highlight! So last year, I did year 12 for the first time. I did my exams and got my grades back. I did so well that I got an award for getting some of the best grades in the school in my year group.

Ayushi – Errm, hold on! You just remembered that now?!

Ish – **Shrugs**

Everyone –**Round of applause**

Krish – Well, I got to move out for the first time!

Everyone – **Round of applause**

Seven – It’s been such a downer of a year. But coming back to NCS makes it better for me, personally.