#NCSTSHIRT: Frequently Asked Questions

ncs 2/08/2016

Q. How do I enter the competition?

Post a photo of your t-shirt design on Instagram with #NCSTShirt by 23:59, 18th August. It’s that simple! No Instagram account? Then send us an email of your design at tshirts@ncstrust.co.uk

Q. How old do I have to be to take part?

You have to be between the ages of 15 and 17 to enter the competition.

Q. What happens if I don’t have an Instagram account?

If you don’t have an Instagram account or your Instagram account is private, then you can email us your design at ncstshirt@ncstrust.co.uk

Q. Can I enter if I’ve never been on NCS?

Yes! Just as long as you’re within 15-17 years-old and live within England, Wales or Northern Ireland. You might want to check out the NCS’ Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and our blog for some inspiration.

Q. What should I put on my t-shirt?

Feel free to let your creativity run wild! We’d love a t-shirt that captures the great things about NCS – but we know this is different for each person. You can take inspiration from the NCS’ Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, our blog and you might want to include the logo, name or a catchy line from the website. And remember to keep it PC, please!

Q. What happens if I can’t attend the design workshop on August 23rd?

Attending the design workshop is part of the finalist prize, so unfortunately we are unable to move this date.

Q. Do I need to draw my design on a t-shirt?

Nope! You can draw your design on a t-shirt or on a piece of A4 paper. You can also draw it on a piece of paper and take a photo of it laid over a t-shirt. You won’t require any special tools or skills to enter.

Q. When are you announcing the winners?

We’ll be announcing the runners-up and finalists on the 19th August. The finalists’ designs will be put to a public Instagram vote. We’ll choose a winner on the 31st August and notify all winners via Instagram.

Q.  How will the winners be chosen?

NCS and ASOS will be narrowing down the entries to three runners-up and two finalists. The final design will be chosen by you! We’ll run an Instagram vote for the two final t-shirt designs from the 24th until the 30th August.

Q. What are you looking for in the t-shirt design?

We’re looking for a design that captures the spirit of NCS. We want NCSers to love them – whether male or female – since they’re the ones who will be wearing it. We think it’s important to include things that make NCS an amazing experience (i.e. new friends, adventure or the outdoors).

Q. Who will get the 2017 t-shirts?

The official 2017 NCS t-shirt will be available via programme providers to teens that are signed up to attend the 2017 NCS summer programme.