NCS – winners of the Rugby World Cup 2019

ncs 29/10/2015
The northern hemisphere has taken a battering in the Rugby World Cup, but here’s the good news: there are four whole years until Japan 2019, which leaves plenty of time for NCS graduates to become drop kickin’, scrum-leading superstars. We had a go at dissecting (not in a gross frog way) why NCSers are set to lead England to future glory in this most egg-chasing of sports.
NCSers have courage
Imagine there’s a 20-stone giant running at you, ready to haul you to the ground for the chance to steal the prized egg from your trembling hands. That’s only slightly more nerve-racking than your first day at NCS, right? You're fearless; you’ve got courage in spades, and you know how to muscle (or canoe) your way out of a tight spot.
NCSers are team-players
No man is an island – not even Steven Ireland – and NCS grads know better than anyone that if you want to achieve great things, working together is the only game in town. You've managed a budget and delivered a social action project – now practice those drop-goals and the all-important haka routine. Charge!
NCSers take their chances
Got your heart set on something? A score to settle? Grab your future with both hands; you’re ready to size up your next opportunity and give it a real punt.
Of course, NCS grads are already champions…of great causes. You’re not afraid to step into the lion’s den and talk for England about the things you’re passionate about. What do you think makes a Rugby World Cup champ?