Star Wars: The Force Awakens an NCS Review

georgiapitt 18/12/2015

Something HUGE happened yesterday! The latest installment from the Star Wars franchise hit the silver screen nationwide, breaking records, causing controversy (as fans desperate to get tickets took themselves off social media to avoid any spoilers) and instilling excitement in fans worldwide. And, of course, that means it’s time for a review, but rather than it coming from NCS HQ, we thought it best through the eyes of an NCS Graduate.

Benjamin Wareing, young journalist and owner of Next Generation Blogs hit the cinema last night (taking his Dad along for the ride) to see what the latest release had to offer. So enough of this waffle – here’s what he has to say about it.

"Star Wars has always been a part of my life; from the Lego I used to play with to the Xbox games I poured hours into. To hear I was going to watch the new Star Wars in the cinema was my childish dream come true.

"JJ Abrams certainly didn’t disappoint, pulling together truly stunning special effects, wonderful dialogue, action-packed scenes of battle and the ability to humanise a droid better than most people humanise themselves.

"As with any Star Wars, the battle between the light and dark side was pulled into the limelight, however this time it was different. This instalment of the epic series was darker (pardon the pun) and more serious than ever before – total destruction being a major theme. Despite this, Abrams ensures to juxtapose it with little glimpses of both humour and nostalgia. I’m not sure what it is, but seeing that old actor you watched as a child return is a sure-fire way of sending serious chills down your spine.

"The movie evoked literally every emotion within me; from happiness and contempt at the sight of a new – yet admittedly awesome – cast, to deep anger and sadness at some of the later scenes. This being said, my emotions weren’t temporary like with other movies. They were real. I could almost feel the anguish and struggles of the fictional characters through my beady 3D glasses, and even when leaving, my brain was battling with my heart over what I thought of it.

"So here is what I do actually think of it; incredible. No ‘ifs’ or ‘buts’ and no compromises - the movie was, as always, a work of art. The mixture of breathtakingly immense shots of The New Order ships to the minute and intricate detailing of the ‘new R2-D2’, BB-8, truly expressed the sheer passion and commitment the producers portrayed.

"In conclusion, this movie is without a doubt the second best movie I have ever seen. That’s a powerful statement and one I don’t take lightly, however this instalment proved to be the exception. From the opening title and prologue to the intense and chilling cliff-hanger ending, Star Wars: The Force Awakens is not only a must-watch, it is a work of art and a true power-player in the entire Star Wars series.

"I have never been to see a movie where everyone gave a round of applause at the end, but this movie changed that; a sign of a truly wonderful cinematic experience."

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