Who’s the NCS choice for BBC Sports Personality of the Year?

georgiapitt 18/12/2015

NCSers know a thing or two about teamwork, leadership and throwing a javelin three-hundred feet (maybe not the last one). So the chances are, your guess is as good as anyone’s as to which runners ‘n’ riders (and F1 drivers) are set for glory in this Sunday’s BBC Sports Personality of the Year Awards. Here’s the NCS low-down on the main contenders – let us know who you think deserves the coveted sporting gong.

Andy Murray

The Scottish stallion helped lead Great Britain to its first Davis Cup victory since 1936. To put that in perspective, in 1936 there were still horse ‘n’ carts on the street and Snapchat hadn’t been invented. Just like every NCS participant, Andy knows how to push himself to the limit – he even admits to submerging himself in an ice bath after every match. Brrr…

Jessica Ennis-Hill

If Yorkshire were a country, it would have finished 12th at the London Olympics – ahead of the Netherlands, Spain and every Galápagos island combined. Yorkshire’s glory owed much to Jessica Ennis-Hill, and this year, the multi-talented 29-year-old became a heptathlon world champion once again, cementing her position as one of the finest British athletes of her generation. A model of perseverance, endurance, heart ‘n’ soul, Ennis-Hill is the NCS spirit made flesh!

Kevin Sinfield

He might not have the name recognition of a Lewis Hamilton or an Andy Murray, but as every self-doubting NCSer knows, every underdog has his day! In 2015, Kevin Sinfield captained Leeds Rhinos to a glorious treble before bowing out, bringing his rugby league career to a close. Just like the most determined of NCSers, Sinfield is a leader of the pack, a kick-starter, focused on the goal in sight and not afraid of getting very muddy!

Who do you think should win BBC Sports Personality 2015?