10 Inspiring young speakers at TEDXTeen, London

ncs 23/01/2016
NCS Goes to TEDXTeen

Young people are pulling up trees (not literally) the length and breadth of this sceptred isle (Shakespeare, 1595). So it was a privilege to visit the TEDxTeen event in London this month, where some of the world’s most inspiring and brightest youth speakers had the audience in the palm of their hands. For those who couldn’t attend – do not fret! Here are our top ten Yes moments from a memorable day at TEDxTeen.

The Power of Imagination

Mukunda Angulo and his brothers were raised in a cramped New York public housing apartment. Because of their father, they became very isolated from society so watching movies became the only way they could view the outside world. Angulo and his brothers were featured in the critically acclaimed Sundance prize winning documentary, The Wolfpack. He told attendees that even though their father secluded them from society, the one thing their father couldn’t control was their imagination!

Meltom Avcil’s story about being a child detainee

The 22-year-old is an award winning human rights activist. Her brave story as a child in the UK asylum detention centre and her passionate work to end this awful experience for future generations of children is truly heroic. Her key message emphasised faith and compassion towards the lives of others, stating: “Everyone deserves to be heard. We must go in the direction of positive change where all children are given the opportunity to do something great.”

The food we waste

Food waste campaigner Rob Greenfield is the King of Dumpster Diving. He once cycled across America to draw attention to how much food is needlessly thrown away. This photo shows the shocking amount of food waste he found in just one day when in America.

Zak Abel’s performance

He’s definitely one to watch out for!

How to turn air into water

Really, we’re not making this up! Konstantin Avdienko developed a brilliant idea that could potentially solve the water drought. He’s invented a sustainable device that harnesses condensation from a glass filled with cold drink! If this works, it could be life saving for millions of people, animals and plants around the world!

Inspiring poetry by Safeerah Mughal

We’re big fans of the spoken word at NCS – check out our most recent collaboration with Suli Breaks if you haven’t already. And Safeera’s poem at TEDxTeen, ‘A Quilt of Stars’, brought a smile to our lips and a tear to our eyes (almost).

Saving the world in your pyjamas

18-year-old Ciara was at school when she and her friends developed an idea to stop food shortages. She found out that rhizobium bacteria could help grow more crops in a shorter period of time, helping to solve the global food crisis. Her personal message to all teens is to be curious, imaginative and stay determined. We love it!

Why we film dance on the streets

Let’s dance! Kash is a YouTube star and global curator of street dance around the world. His YAK Film company captures the changing faces of location, youth and community all through the medium of dance!He introduced us to B-Girl Terra, a young girl with a fierce set of breakdowns moves, who battled with the best of the best and killed it! Watch it here.

Change the world and be yourself

Who’d have thought that fashion could change the world? Mariah Idrissi gained worldwide attention after becoming the world’s first muslim model in a hijab for H & M. She was able to challenge preconceptions of muslim women and a negative media portrayal just by being herself!

Why we shouldn’t use smart phones

Ann Makosinski received her first phone only this year (yes, not everyone has a smartphone before they’ve left nursery). Priding herself as a ‘differentist’ – a made up word that embraces being different – Makosinski’s philosophy is all about minimising distractions, just like…err…smartphones. She’s famous for creating a torch that’s powered by the warmth of a hand, inspired by her friend who couldn’t get good grades due to not having electricity at home to study.

The day ended on a high note with Rudimental and Mahalia  – the former headlined our show at Gorilla, Manchester, in May 2013. It was great to see him again, and check this out!

Check out the song here!