What is Run the Show?

ncs 28/01/2016
Run the Show with the National Citizen Service

We all know YES Live is going to be the event of the year – take that, Olympics – and now that it’s inching closer, we’re trying to contain our excitement. Not very successfully, as it turns out... With amazing performances from the likes of Tinie Tempah, VIP guests and the NCS Awards celebrating all you social action stars, YES Live will be a show to remember for generations. But behind every great show are the stars you don’t always get to see. Introducing…Run the Show!

To make any show come to life, there are LOADS of vital ingredients that make it all happen. Take a pinch of production, a dash of sound, whisk a few eggs and bob’s your uncle – you’ve got yourself the base of a festival (and a flan). From behind the scenes production wizardry to talent management, expert photography and the social media guru who keeps everyone in the know, each and every role brings the show to life!

Now, here’s how you can get involved and take part in the journey. We’re giving six lucky NCS grads a chance to run the show at NCS YES Live! Those selected will shadow talented industry experts during the event, allowing them to gain amazing industry experience and be part of the showbiz magic! Whether you’re a social butterfly or a creative talent bursting with ideas, this is an incredible chance to see what goes into putting on a successful show!

We’re looking for:

  • Production Runner
  • PR Assistant
  • Photography Assistant
  • Social Media Assistant
  • Talent Assistant
  • Lighting Assistant

So what are you waiting for? Apply now here!