Run the Show - Meet the Social Media Pro

ncs 2/02/2016
Meet the Pro Social Media

#Attention social media enthusiasts! As we’ve mentioned before, Run the Show is giving seven lucky NCS grads a chance to learn the ropes and experience some magical behind the scenes moments at YES Live! If you’ve ever wondered what happens backstage, then this may be the perfect chance for you to see first-hand what it takes to put on an amazing show! One of the roles offered is for a Social Media Assistant. Here, NCS social media guru @GeorigaPitt gives you the scoop on what the role involves, what you could gain from this experience and the #dos & #don’ts of using social media!

#SorryLastOne …

How will you use social media for the YES Live event?

We’ll be using social media in a lot of different ways for YES Live. At the moment we’re using it to give people information about YES Live and to let winners of tickets know they’ve won! During the show we’ll be sharing all the behind the scenes action from the show, YouTubers and our incredible line up who’ll all be revealed soon on our social channels!

What does it take to be a social media assistant?

You have to have a passion for social media, for everything that is happening right now. But mostly a sense of humour! You’re talking to people who want to know more or have fun, so it’s really important to have that energy! You also need to be organised, yet able to shift everything [around] because the nature of the job means that everything can change in an instant.

What’s the most important thing to be aware of when tweeting, instagramming, etc.?

On your own social be yourself, remain true to your values and who you are – if you’re trying to be someone different it is hard work to keep up with it. As a brand, remember you’re an authority – everything you do has a butterfly effect – you only have to look at social media fails to know how quickly things can go wrong when you forget that.

What will the social media assistant get from this experience?

Running social during an event is insanely different to running social on your average day. The social media assistant will learn how to best construct a story for our fans in real-time, learn what goes into a successful social media event activation and also how to analyse it – which you never do for your own social.

What are the dos and don’ts of social media from a brand perspective?

Do keep it fun

Do reply to everyone you can

Do speak about what is relevant to your brand and your fans    

Don’t lie or ignore – if you don’t know an answer, it’s always better to say “we’re looking into this and we’ll be get back to you soon” than ignoring someone

Don’t think you’re not human – mistakes are going to happen, it is always better to hold up your hands and say you made a mistake than delete!

Don’t think you know everything – social media is so fast paced and is powered by the masses so it makes sense to pull in everyone’s expertise.

Thanks Georgia! So guys, if you fancy yourself as a social media star in the making, apply to Run the Show for an opportunity you’ll never forget. And good luck!