Meet Our Run the Show Winners! Q&A

ncs 23/03/2016
List of winner for NCS Run the Show taking part at NCS Yes Live

It’s time to announce our Run The Show winners. After an overwhelming amount of applications, we've picked some amazing candidates who will shadow a pro and help NCS YES Live be a smash hit!

Congrats to these 7 lucky winners:

Benjamin Wareing – PR Assistant

Lorna De Mello – Production Manager Assistant

Rhea Alexander – Production Runner

Chloe Elkins – Production Runner

Madison Flaherty – Social Media Assistant

Thomas Crow – Photography Assistant

Jack Stevens – Lighting Assistant

Want to know more about the RTS team? We’ve put together a Q&A with the lucky winners, who reveal what attracted them to their role, what they’re looking forward to most, and given the chance, what they’d ask some of the performers!


What are you looking forward to most about NCS YES Live?


Lorna: I'm looking forward to experiencing the thrills of backstage life at such a big event. I'm pretty sure that everyone has been backstage at some point, but being backstage at NCS YES Live will be a once in a lifetime experience!

Chloe: I'm most looking forward to helping out backstage, having lots of fun and meeting my friends again from NCS, as well as making new ones!

Jack: I can't wait for NCS YES Live because I get to work with NCS and a professional production team. Also, I will get a lot of experience working with lighting/tech. I'm also excited about the line up: Tinie Tempah, Blonde, Izzy Bizu and all the YouTubers. I can't wait to run the show and meet people behind the scenes.


What attracted you to your Run The Show role?


Lorna: I've done quite a bit of producing as well as organising events before. I thought that this would be an awesome opportunity to get some good work experience and have lots of fun!

Rhea: The chance to help out in a variety of capacities to make sure the show runs smoothly; it sounds pretty exciting and I'm definitely looking forward to it.

Madison: I was attracted to my role as Social Media Assistant because I'm already very interested in social media and it's also something I enjoy and interact with on a daily basis. To be able to take something I enjoy and then combine it with NCS just seemed brilliant.


What do you want to gain from this experience?


Thomas: I hope to gain insight into the professional side of photography and also hopefully learn some tips and tricks from my RTS pro as to how to get into photography and how to make yourself stand out from the rest.

Rhea: From this experience I want to gain a taste of what it's like to work behind the scenes of organising and running a big event, but also just the once-in-a-lifetime experience of having participated in a programme like Run the Show.

Benjamin: I want to further understand the role PR has on a large-scale production, such as with NCS YES Live. I think it will be invaluable to my future career choices.


How will you use your passion and experience to help your RTS pro?


Thomas: Because of my passion, I feel I’ll be able to help my RTS pro in finding great photo opportunities and possibly give a different point of view for how they could capture the show.

Chloe: I will use my experience that I have in the media industry as an extra, where I have learnt to be patient in challenging situations. I’ll also channel my passion for making productions come to life from start to finish, which will help me complete the tasks given to me by my RTS pro to a high standard.


If you could ask any one of the YES Live performers a question, what would it be?


Benjamin: ‘What one key piece of advice would you give to young people trying to become successful in today's world?’

Chloe: I would ask Izzy Bizu, ‘if you could sing with anyone (dead or alive) who would it be and why?’

Lorna: ‘What is the kindest/best thing you've ever done for someone else?’

Jack: I would ask Tinie Tempah: ‘Tell me one of the greatest memories you’ve had when you’ve visited people doing NCS?’

Rhea: ‘Do you still get butterflies before performing in front of a live audience, or have you gotten used to it?’

Madison: ‘What's the greatest aspect of being a performer and why?’

Thomas: I would ask Emma Blackery what made her choose to use her real name as her YouTube name.