Juggle like a pro

ncs 17/06/2016
Juggle Like a Pro

We know you’ve spent the last few weeks juggling exams, revision and (whisper it) having fun, so you’re already a juggling pro! But did you know that June 18 is World Juggling Day? If you’re looking to develop a new skill for your summer goal (once those exams are over), here’s why juggling is awesome!

World Juggling Day is an annual celebration taking place on the closest Saturday to June 17, the date the International Jugglers’ Association was created in 1947 (of course…) It’s a chance for seasoned pros and inexperienced novices to hone their juggling skills, so even if you have a habit of dropping stuff, you’re in good company!

We’re asking NCSers to share their #SummerGoals ahead of what promises to be an amazing summer 2016. And learning how to juggle is certainly quite a challenge! Luckily, thanks to YouTube you can become a stick-tossing, ball-throwing superstar without leaving your home – check out this video on how to juggle three balls, and this shorter one, which recommends starting out with bean bags. Pssst – it’s all about dexterity, body position, patience and most importantly of all…not dropping the balls!

Juggling itself has a longer history than you might think, dating back to ancient Egypt. When the first modern circus opened in England in 1768, professional jugglers soon took centre-stage. Perhaps the beauty of juggling is that it’s open to everyone – all you need is an open space and a few things to chuck around! Just stick to balls and bean bags, folks (not flaming torches…)