One grad’s Wembley Cup experience

ncs 5/09/2016
Wembley Cup

In September we were given tickets to the EE Wembley Cup, an event where England's biggest football stars go head to head, joined by a few YouTuber's along the way too. So with two tickets in hand we asked our grads, who would like to go. Sarah jumped at the chance recanting the entire expereince!

"So imagine this, you think it’s just an ordinary day until you get a phone call inviting you to attend the epic EE Wembley Cup. Well that’s exactly what happened to me! I was so pumped because I’ve never been to the stadium before, so I couldn’t wait to experience the event for the very first time!

"When we arrived, I was so excited. I went with my dad and walked the entire stadium just to find our seats at level 1B. As we got closer to our seats, I had butterflies in my stomach knowing that with each step, I was getting that much closer in seeing my favourite role models. Waiting for the game to start seemed like years, but once the fire displays got started, I could feel the heat… literally!  

"Team Spencer FC and Weller walked out and I immediately tried spotting any players I knew. My dad was the first to spot Patrick Kluivert and because we’re Dutch, we were thrilled to see him in action. That evening Kluivert scored 2 out of the 7 goals for Spencer FC.  As the second half commenced, my high school crush and favourite YouTuber appeared… it was Joe Sugg! Not only is he a famous YouTuber, he’s also friends with NCS!

"Was he there to play football? Yes. Did he look good? Definitely. After casting my eyes on him for a while, I found myself more interested in the audience, rather than the game itself. The crowd was amazing; so many people from different backgrounds, cheering on different clubs. I sat in front of a group of children who could have been no more than 10 years-old. Hearing their excitement and passion for the game taught me one thing – football is universal. Seeing the adults laugh and enjoy the game with the children showed how a sporting event can bring generations together.

"The most memorable part of the event happened near the end. A fan, who may’ve been a little too passionate, ran onto the field causing the entire audience to burst out in laughter. Overall, it was a wonderful experience – the players played great and the audience had amazing energy."