How This NCS grad Beat Bullying - Jemma Watson

Jemma Watson 16/11/2016

It’s Anti-Bullying Week! The week shines a light on the issue and encourages teens, teachers and parents to take action against bullying. Most of us have been bullied before, so it’s important to take a stand and raise awareness.

One NCS grad bravely shares her story about being bullied and how she gained back her confidence! Read the inspiring story here.

Growing up in one of the roughest areas in my city, raised by a single parent and being very shy meant that I was an easy target for bullies.  Majority of my days ended with red eyes, silent tears and extremely low confidence. Always thinking, ‘Why me?’ ‘Why am I not good enough?’ ‘Why won’t they leave me alone?’ I always try to be nice to everyone I meet, and in return hope they would be nice to me, but unfortunately that wasn’t the case.

But that didn’t mean I was going to give up and let the bullies win. Sure there were days where I’d do anything to get out of going to school, but I pulled through and found ways in which I could overcome everything that was being said to me.  I also tried to find new friends or attend different after-school clubs. During the rough days, I would take my mind off from the bullying through my art where I would dive into my own perfect dreamland. Trying to ignore what’s happening and pushing it to one side only works for a while – everyone can only handle so much and once you hit your breaking point, it may feel like the world is against you but that’s when you’re at your strongest. That’s when you have the power to stop it, that’s when you realise that you can beat it; it’s when you push through and realise what you’re capable of. This is the time you know that you can make it, even though you feel so vulnerable.

The first time I told someone about being bullied was right after my breaking point – I was crying uncontrollably under a staircase at school and wishing I didn’t exist.  I told a teacher everything, thinking that she wouldn’t care and would leave me to it, but instead she gave me some great advice which was to take a step back from the situation and see if what they were saying would matter to me five years down the line. Little did I know, that conversation would change the way I viewed bullying and any negative remarks aimed towards me.  After that, I found some new friends who stood up for me, made me realise my potential and gave me the boost I needed to enjoy my life. When I had a bad day, all of them knew how to cheer me up and transformed my negative day into a positive one.  Now, I don’t allow any negative comments to ruin my chances of trying new experiences like NCS. Confidence I lost because of my bullies has been gained again through all these experiences and opportunities that I have participated in as a result of not caring what people have to say.

The most important thing was that I didn’t change just to make the bullying stop. Eventually, I told someone what was going on so they could help and now I’m thankful for everything that the bullies ever said because it’s made me a stronger more resilient person today.

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