16 Things To Do Before You Turn 16 - By NCS Grads

ncs 17/01/2017

We asked eight NCS Grads to give us some advice on the things they think we should do before turning 16 years old. These guys gave us everything from dabbing to taking naps… yeah... taking naps. 

Read on and let us know if they’ve missed anything!

  1. Pick up an instrument!

Everyone – YES!

Gurpreet – It’s about learning...


  1. Keep up with the trends!

Jack – And learn to dab!


  1. Speak in front of a crowd.

Shola - Before you’re 16. Like an assembly or something..


  1. Put yourself forward for something you wouldn’t normally do.

Jack – Yeah! Get out of your comfort zone!


  1. Travel alone somewhere.

Emma – I don’t mean like really far but like, get a bus. Or go to town..


  1. Do something independently.

Alex – Just do something independently…

Emma – You can do anything independently. You could, like, cook a meal independently.

Alex – A lot of people haven’t done that before they turn 16!


  1. Cook a meal!

Everyone – YES!


  1. Read a book.

Alex – There’s a girl in my English literature class who had never read a book. Find a book you like and enjoy.

Fadheelah – And she does English literature Alevel?!

Jack – Don’t go and cheat and download an audiobook.

Fadheelah - Feel the paper!


  1. Fall in love and get your heart broken!

Alisha – What?!

Fadheelah – Why would you do that?!


  1. Take a nap with your mates…

Jack – Honestly sometimes my friends and I after college will suggest going back to their place and having a nap.  Not like sleeping together!! No! Just having a nap.  It’s like the best thing ever!


  1. Try some water sports.

Jack – Some of the best sailors on the planet don’t know how to swim!

Alex – Some of the things I remember the most have been my times on a kayak.

Alisha – But then what happens when you drown?


  1. Learn a new language!

Alex – I learned French in school but then I thought, "I really want to learn Japanese" so I learnt Japanese! I ended up getting a lot of stuff out of it and a lot of opportunities from doing it.


  1. Make a bucket list!

Everyone – Yeah...


  1. Do something from your bucket!

Alex – Make a bucket list and actually do stuff from it. Don’t just make it and not do it…


  1. Go to a concert!

Gurpreet – That’s really clever…

Fadheelah – Oh my gosh, can we just leave Alex to do this [It was his idea]!


  1. Sign up for NCS

Emma – Enrol on NCS has got to be one…

Alisha – Make that a cheeky number 16!

Everyone – YES