What to Expect at NCS Graduation

ncs 7/03/2017

So what’s NCS really like? Gurpreet, Bryony and William are three of our grads who’ve actually done the programme in different locations. We asked them to describe their NCS experience for each phase of the programme and here, they’ve given us all the scoop on Graduation. Check out what you can really expect when you go on NCS!


What did you expect from your NCS graduation when you signed up?

G: I had no real expectation for my graduation as it seemed so far away from when we first signed up. I thought it would be an afternoon where we would go collect our certificates for completing NCS.

B: I thought there would be a party and celebration with lots of dancing and fun, but there was so many people there and it was a bit of a disappointment. But I’m on the Regional Youth Board and because of my say, West Midlands 1 are looking at how to make our graduation as fun as others across the country!

W: I had no perception of what graduation would be like when I signed up. I didn’t even know there’d be one! When I did find out about it, I thought it’d be some big over-ceremonial type of thing. Thankfully it wasn’t!


Where was your graduation for NCS held? 

G: Our graduation was held in a different town to where we completed NCS. It was held in The Curve in Slough which was a local event centre.

B: It was held at West Midland Safari Park.

W: It was held at a hall in Horsham.


Tell us about the NCS graduation ceremony!

G: The NCS graduation ceremony was like a massive reunion with everyone in your wave but also with your team leaders. There were lots of different opportunities we could sign up for after completing NCS, which was great!

B: It was nice to see everyone again, and get our certificate. For the next year’s graduation, we’re aiming to make it more of a party as that’s what everyone wants!

W: It was a great experience. I loved every bit of it. Getting to see everyone again about a month after NCS finished was a great feeling. Nearly everyone from my wave was there and all the groups were together again. I got to read out my poem to everyone again and got a massive round of applause. Again, everyone loved it!


What outfit did you wear to the NCS graduation – were you given a dress code by the team leader or did you decide with your team?

G: We all dressed up in smart clothes (for girls that meant skirts and dresses) because it seemed like it was going to be quite a formal event. We decided as a team to dress smart so that we all looked good for the photos when we collected our certificates.

B: I wore a party outfit but I’m not a dresses sort of girl so I wore what I was comfortable in, but it was still smart attire! Others wore suits and dresses whereas some wore trousers and t-shirts – it was so nice to see everyone again so we didn’t mind what everyone was wearing!

W: I wore some light brownish smart trousers with a grey shirt and a navy-blue blazer jacket. I know it sounds like an odd combination, but trust me it looked fine! There wasn’t really a specific dress code; it was meant to be smart though. Everyone turned up looking very smart!


How did your team celebrate completing NCS?

G: On the last day of NCS, a massive group of us went to the cinema to celebrate finishing NCS. We had a great time and even went out afterwards for dinner. This was the best way to finish a great 3 weeks together.

B: We went for dessert!

W: Our group didn’t really celebrate as such. We were happy and pleased with the experience and were sad to depart from one another. We did do our signature ‘ninjas assemble’ pose!


Have you stayed in touch with your team and wave?

G: We made a massive group chat for our wave where we could all keep in touch and arrange future meet-ups! We’ve all made sure to stay in touch!

B: We have our group chat and every now and then, we talk but everyone is still in touch on social media! We do have a plan to have a dinner party soon so we can catch up and chill!

W: Yes, during NCS we had a group chat on Facebook which is still up and running, so we’re still practically in touch. And we basically added everyone in our wave on all the social media platforms we had. As we young people like to do! Even after the graduation, I met up with my basketball buddies on a few occasions. We had some great times together.

A big thanks to Gurpreet, Bryony and William for their contributions. Anything else you’d like to know? Get in touch on social @NCS!