NCS Photo Challenge #2

ncs 12/07/2017

Well done on the first set of challenges!

We loved seeing all of your creative photos from the Photo Scavenger Hunt. Now it’s time for the next round. Grab your new NCS mates and complete the four tasks below to complete the second series of challenges. You have from today (24 July) to 20 August to check off the list and share them with us.

Capture the Moment

Get your smartphone cameras focused and filter-ready.

1)    Instagram a story and tag us @ncsyes!

2)    Take a photo and use a filter.

3)    Strike a pose!

4)    Make a time-lapse video.

We want to keep up with your Capture the Moment challenge, so don’t forget to share and tag us on our social handles @NCS (Facebook & Twitter) and @NCSYes (Instagram). Include the hashtag #NCS and get ready for your photo op! And remember at the end of each month, we’ll be announcing the winners – you might win some goodies or even star in our next ad campaign, you never know…

Ready, set... POSE!