It's Okay To Be Yourself! - NCS Grad, Nicola Jayne

ncs 25/07/2017

Okay, let's get a little serious... as defined in the Oxford Dictionary, the meaning of identity is the “fact of being who or what a person or thing is”.

It’s located within, hidden inside. Some could argue its solely biological, modified with an individual’s genetics and DNA. Others say it’s influenced by the surrounding environment and personal perspective. Interesting, right?

Each person’s ‘identity’ is an extraordinary factor of who we are. A factor that has great power in controlling the course of our very own lives. Certain personality traits and preferences can open up different opportunities, like for instance, how a more creative personality can lead to various visual and artistic outcomes. Everybody’s identity is unique to them and we need to continue just being ourselves. Because being yourself it totally fine. 

However, despite the beauty of our differences, overtime there has been a loss of individuality. Ever noticed that? Since the rise and introduction of social media and celebrity culture, society has begun to set certain standards and expectations. For example, through media portrayal, celebrities and public figures have left the public in awe of their “flawlessness” and “perfection”. Of course, a lot of us teens desire and aspire to be like them. Sad but true. 

The rising pressures to live up to the ideal standards that society has created for us (such as achieve popularity, beauty, wealth, success and fame) has led individuals to conform and imitate their peers in order to achieve acceptance. This pressure to have the ideal identity affects every one of us, and all due to some need to be perfect. This is pretty hard to achieve I’m afraid, as there’s actually no such thing as perfection. Obviously!

So why stress and go through such drastic changes to reach it (despite it being unattainable)? Because in all honesty - cringe alert - we’re already wonderful as we are! Perfection doesn’t have a specification or definition and you don’t need to meet a list of requirements with your identity to be who you want to be. It’s all about embracing who we are, despite all our so-called “flaws”. Rather than acting like another person we think is the ideal identity, just live your life as your true self - no acting needed!

People should be confident and comfortable enough to show off their identity in its true glory and not be judged for it, ­­no matter what. It’s about accepting different identities and uniqueness so we can continue having a diverse society. At the end of the day, remember, it's okay to be yourself!