New School Year Resolutions - NCS Grad, Sophie

ncs 4/09/2017

New school year resolutions

The new school year is a great opportunity to start afresh but only if you’re dedicated to making those chances work for you. The problem with 'New Years resolutions' is that they’re fragile and easily broken if we don’t commit to them carefully. Easy habits are simple to pick up and often last much longer. So this year, try to form positive habits that will last longer the average resolution.

  1. Stop procrastinating and start doing

Spend less time on social media when you know you should really be doing homework. Also, try finishing that piece of homework before you check Snapchat! Think about putting off watching the newest season of your favourite series till later. You could save tons of time!

  1. Set yourself small and realistic goals.

Try something as simple as setting a goal to revise for at least one hour a day without exceptions! It’s a simple resolution but easy enough for you to stick to with dedication.

  1. Try something new 

Perhaps you can try an online course in a subject you’ve always wanted to learn about. Or you even try to pick up a new language using a fun language app. Whatever you try will look good on your CV. Trying something new will be challenging but rewarding in the long run. 

  1. Get outdoors.

Starting school can be a little draining! Walk your dog, go for a jog or take a stroll around your neighbourhood. Going outdoors can be a great way to refresh yourself and get some exercise.

  1. Make time to get in touch with family and friends. 

Allocate some time in your week to give your grandparents a quick call to see how they're doing. Maybe even text your friends and ask them if they’d be up for a Skype chat. School’s super important but so is your social life!

Whatever you decide to choose as your new school year resolution; for it to be effective it has to become a habit and habits take time and commitment. 

Good luck, guys!