Being a Teen Isn't Easy Because... - NCS Grad, Alishba

ncs 18/10/2017

Being a teen isn’t easy because there are many obstacles we have to overcome. 

like the pressure to do well in school. Then there’s the exam stress and nerves and worries that come with it, because we know we must do well; even though teachers tell us we can only do our best. The subjects we like, we are happy to work for; the subjects we despise, we wish we weren’t.

We feel peer pressure from our classmates and aim to be just like them because to us, they’re cool human beings. We change our personalities and attitudes in order to be liked by those people and accepted by them; to be their friend.

As a teen, we have all the latest apps at our fingertips. We are constantly on our phones and other devices, keeping up to date with the latest news. TVs and mobile phones seem to distract us the most, as we have access to all the social media sites we could wish for. Nevertheless, there are certain apps that, despite being suitable for our age, have content that don’t benefit us at all and make us feel insecure. It makes teenagers feel anxious about their appearance. We aim to present ourselves like the celebrities we see in the media. We worry about the way we look, or how others view us. Weight seems to be a popular anxiety amongst many teenagers, as we feel the need to exercise or reduce our food intake to lose weight.

To conclude, being a teen isn’t easy because there are many obstacles we must overcome but teen life is temporary - it gets better.