Our Action Day Heroes

ncs 1/03/2016
The NCS Social Action Heroes

Lights, camera and… social action!

Because Action Day is right around the corner, we can’t stop thinking about the incredible work all our grads have done over the past few years. In total, NCS grads have completed over 1.8 million hours of social action on the programme and that’s just last year! Move aside, Batman. Sayonara, Superman. We’ve got our very own superheroes from a little place called NCS!

Check out some of these inspiring social action stories from NCS grads who’ve made a difference in their local community.

Mental Health Awareness

These inspiring NCS social actioneers decided to focus their efforts on raising awareness about mental health. Their plan was to deliver an insightful presentation where they’d include a short film on mental health and invite a range of mental health organisations to give more of a professional insight on the issue. To spread the word, a couple of members of the team created posters displayed in shops and talked to complete strangers to bring in a crowd for their event. Within only 10 days, this team managed to set a plan, spread the word, make a short film and invite professionals to speak at the event. It goes to show all you need is passion and dedication to make a difference!

Spreading cheer to care homes

This powerhouse social action team volunteered within 3 care homes and 3 local charity shops. Realising that elderly homes can get a little lonesome, they decided to bring some cheer! To do this, they introduced a concept called biophilia. What’s that, you say?  Well, after doing some research, the team found out that the great outdoors improves happiness. So biophilia is all about bringing nature from the outside, inside! They carried out flower pressings and made small cacti for the residents – a simple gesture that made all the difference. What a unique idea for spreading some social action!

LGBT Awareness

These social action heroes raised money and awareness for the young LGBT community. They teamed up with the charity – The Albert Kennedy Trust, which gives back to young people (under 25 year-olds) in the LGBT community who experience homelessness or live in hostile environments. To raise money, they made and sold 200 string bracelets and did a sponsored walk from Newcastle to Hexham, which raised over £850! They also set up Facebook pages which gained over 300 likes as well as Instagram and Twitter accounts. Finally they made a moving video explaining the charity’s cause and work. Take a look here!


Improving hospital conditions

One moving story from years ago inspired this all-star team to take action and raise money for the Lauren Brown Fund. One of the team members spent lots of time in hospital when her friend Lauren was diagnosed with cancer. She noticed the room didn’t have a homely vibe at all – that’s why the team worked towards raising funds to help improve the condition of Maelor hospital in Wrexham, where Lauren stayed. They did this by organising a triathlon. Before Lauren sadly passed away, she planned on going to Disney Land Paris, so the team set up the triathlon covering the distance from Wrexham to Disney Land. They cycled the distance from Wrexham to Dover, swam in a swimming pool covering the distance from Dover to Calais and finally walked the distance from Calais to Disney Land! They also arranged a raffle and cake sale, which helped them raise a total of £2323.93. Amazing! This helped them get 2 folding beds for parents and some game consoles for children.

Amazing work! Have you got a Social Action Project to shout about? Tag us in yours using #NCSActionDay