Our Social Action Star Nominees!

ncs 13/01/2017

We’re counting down the days until one incredible NCS team scoops the Social Action Star Award-winner title – recognising the most impactful NCS volunteering project of 2016. In the meantime, we’ve been overwhelmed by all the amazing submissions, and we must say we’re in awe by all the inspiring community projects young people did on-programme! The passion, commitment and teamwork really shined through each social action project and it was hard to choose only five teams. But after a long deliberation, the nominees are…                                                

The A-Team

Team members: Amy, Emily, Sophia, Jade, Naomi, Jess, Euan, Rachel, Thomas, Dan, James and Sophie                                               

This team wanted to help break the stigma on mental health for their social action project. Their campaign Speak Up, Silent Voices attracted attention from local Councillors and the Northumberland Children’s Safeguarding Board (NCSB). After raising £335 by approaching local Councillors and parish councils, they produced a leaflet, wallet card and wristband as well as a Teaching Pack to use across secondary schools in Northumberland. They also created an online video which was shared with community paediatricians and clinicians so they can use it when working with young people. The A-Team also managed to do a sponsored walk where they raised £200 for Mind – a charity that provides support to people experiencing mental health problems. Vote for the A-Team by liking their post here!

“Many of our team members have known people with a mental health issue and because of this, it was a very personal topic to all of us. We wanted to create a campaign aimed at younger people with information on how to overcome a mental health issue but also how to help others.”

–Sophia (A-Team member)

Summer’s Team

Team members: Seren, Harry, Emily, Charlotte, Dion, Stephan, Heather, Amy, Abbie, Leonizia, Delyth, Lauren, Aarzoo and Quinn

Summer’s Team has really made a lasting impact in their community – one that will potentially save lives! After being inspired by the CPR training they did on phase 2 of the NCS programme, they wanted to raise money for an AED as part of their social action project. The team did a sponsored spin bike session and created a social media campaign where people could donate funds to raise money for a 24-hour accessible AED. In just two weeks, they managed to raise a whopping £1,749, which is stored in a local pub in Sandbach. Vote for the Summer's Team here!

“During our NCS experience, we were able to gain a knowledge and understanding surrounding AEDs and medical procedures when not in hospital and we really grasped the importance of life saving skills and equipment.”

 –Seren (Summer’s Team member)

Ninjas in Pyjamas

Team members: Brittany, Kitty, Keona, Saskia, Bethany, Olivia, Anna, Sasha, Patrick, William, Joachim, Connor and Olivia

Ninjas in Pyjamas set out to tackle the lack of LGBT+ awareness in Horsham since there are currently no support services where young people can go get access to information. To raise awareness for their social action project, the team decided to do a flash mob! They put together some catchy music, created some jazzy choreography and dressed in rainbow attire! What’s more, one of the team members wrote and recited a beautiful poem called ‘Free Love’ during the flash mob. Once they got everyone’s attention, they took the opportunity to give out some facts about the LGBT+ community. Vote for Ninjas in Pyjamas here!

“Bringing all sexualities and different people together to connect, engage with each other and enjoy themselves in one big blissful moment. Knowing that I took part in connecting people together made it all worth it and was one of the best experiences ever.” –Kitty (Welly Wagers member)

Pathfields Sensory Garden Team

Team members: Matt, Shania, Holly, Klaudia, Megan, Joshua, Jen, Leuan, Pheobe, Isabella, Rebecca, Siobhan, Joe, Meg, Tom, Lucie, Connie, Travis, Charlotte, Erin, Brendan, Lucky, Zack, Jodie, Lucy, Siobhan, Benedict and Henry

For their social action project, the PSGT created a sensory garden at Pathfields, Plympton – a local green space that borders a residential home for the blind. To get the materials they needed, they worked with B&Q who donated trees, plants and resources, to offer sounds to stimulate the senses of local residents who suffer with full or partial blindness. Starting completely from scratch on a disused, overgrown patch of land, the garden was transformed into a beautiful spot to retreat. The garden was opened at a hand-over ceremony attended by local council, care home employees and NCS grads. Vote for Sensory Garden Team here!

“As two groups put together, we all thought that this would be the best way to give back something to the community. We decided that the sensory garden will benefit its residence as well as embrace the smells and feel of plants we planted.”

–Klaudia (PSGT member)

Welly Wagners

Team members: Poppy, Rhiannon, Sam, Bethany, Janel, Niamh, Elizabeth, Ellie, Kaleb, Dave, Georgia, Charlotte, Owen, Holly, Maria, Anika and Gabi

Welly Wagners were passionate to raise money and awareness on homelessness amongst young people, as it’s been reported that 100,000 young people run away from home each year in the UK. The research they’ve done made such a profound impact on them that they decided to write and record their own song and produce a music video to raise money and awareness! They successfully secured the use of the renowned Music Factory known for its production of the Spice Girls and Take That while also securing an up-and-coming video production company (Oliver Brian) who have recently been nominated for a MOBO for their production of Nadia Rose! Their song ‘Teary Skies’ made it to iTunes where people can buy and download it, with proceeds going to Safe@Last. Vote for Well Wagners here!

“People should vote for us because we have worked so hard over the course of the project. It has brought a group of 15 young people together from different walks of life to produce something amazing and taught us to think creatively, work as a team and thrive under pressure.” –Poppy (Welly Wagners member)