Our top Owen Wilson films

ncs 18/11/2015

Who hasn’t seen the Zoolander 2 trailer? We’re obsessed! Packed with action, selfies and so many pouts we can’t even count! Check it out here in all its glory!

So on the day of Owen Wilson’s birthday we thought, hey why not list our top five Owen Wilson films!

1. Zoolander, 2000 - Hansel

A total classic, the dynamic duo of Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson team up to defeat the evils that lie in the male model world! The all-star cast gives you no time to catch your breath between laughs. A smattering of pouts, a ton of epic poses and incredible action, what else could you want?!

2. The Internship, 2013 – Nick Campbell

Based at the infamous Google head office, Owen Wilson takes on the role of washed up salesman who has been marginalized by the digital world. But Google is not ready for Nick Campbell! Drama, laughs and just plain odd at times, this has firmly found its home on our DVD shelf!

3. Marley & Me, 2008 - John

A heart-wrenching film this shows Wilson’s serious side. Playing Jennifer Aniston’s husband, the couple adopt a reckless puppy that turns their life upside down. A highlight is the dog trainer scene, when the pup proves to be un-trainable! Whatever you do, watch this with tissues and chocolate! Trust us you’ll need them at the end!

4. Drillbit Taylor, 2008 - Bob 'Drillbit' Taylor

A down-and-out veteran, Wilson, is hired by three hapless teens to teach them how to defend themselves against school bullies! But does he really know what he’s doing? The answer no, but kind of yes; it’s well worth a watch!

5. Night at the Museum, 2009 - Jedidiah

Back with the legend that is Ben Stiller. Wilson takes on the miniature role of Jedidiah a Wild West cowboy who is intent on fighting with his miniature nemesis, Octavius, the Roman General. Causing havoc wherever they go (considering they’re only about 4 inches tall) they seem destined to hate each other until the end of time!

So happy birthday Owen Wilson, we salute you and your epic films! We cannot wait until the Zoolander 2!

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