ncs 15/04/2019
Overcoming My Fears On NCS

Before going on NCS it’s normal to be apprehensive and unsure what to expect. You’re told it’s going to be an unforgettable summer – but does it live up to the hype? We caught up with some of last year’s NCS grads and here’s what they had to say about their experiences:

"My biggest fear wasn't heights, water or the dark - all of which I am quite comfortable with - rather just being with so many people my own age. But this ended up being the best part of NCS, I've discovered a confidence I genuinely didn't think I had!" 

“I was quite nervous about food before NCS, but actually all the catering was brilliant. I still remember having spaghetti bolognese with soya cheese in week one and being very over excited by the cheese! It was so nice to not worry about food and instead be able to join in with everyone else in the group, eating the same as them, but vegan.”

“With my anxiety and depression I struggle with a lot of things, but NCS has made me such a different and happier person!”

“Before NCS, I was very shy and I was worried that I might not be able to blend in with the people I will meet there and to be honest I couldn't sleep for a few days before the event because of the nerves twisting around inside my belly. But the moment I got to the place, I jumped out of my comfort zone in an instant, and started talking confidently to everyone. As time passed, I made friends with mostly everyone in the wave or had at least one conversation with each and every one of them.”

“I was so nervous before I went on it, especially because it was the first time I was staying away from home for so long. But I had no regrets at the end. NCS gave me so many new experiences that I wouldn't have experienced if I didn't do it. I would definitely recommend it to anyone and everyone who wants to get out there and get ready for the future :)”

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