Prince George’s Greatest Moments

ncs 22/07/2016
Prince George Birthday

Since his arrival into the world’s favourite royal family, Prince George has amazed us all with many adorable and funny moments. So to celebrate his majesty’s 3rd birthday, we’ve picked out a few of his greatest (royal) hits. Check it out!

Prince George meets the Obama's… in his PJs

Prince George welcomed Barack and Michelle Obama (at Kensington Palace) decked out in his pajamas and ‘Home Alone’ inspired bathrobe. Apparently this bold outfit choice was a hit with the president and leading lady.

Prince George goes to Australia and meets the Prime Minister

Meeting a Prime Minister is a pretty big deal… right? Well apparently not to Prince George, who looks unimpressed. But we’re sure the PM forgives him – come on, just look at that face!

Prince George starts his tennis career

Game. Set. & Match! It seems that at the grand age of three, Prince George is already a pro tennis player in training. We’re holding out for a royal Wimbledon winner. Fingers crossed…

Prince George attends the Royal International Air Tattoo

The Prince’s first royal engagement happened earlier this year at RIAT – the UK’s largest air show. He hit the show in his stylish blue ear defenders and caused almost as much of a commotion from the crowds as the red arrows flying above him did!

First day of school

Prince George looking dapper for his first day at Nursery in Norfolk. That outfit is just on point!

Going to New Zealand

Prince George conducting diplomacy in New Zealand, with a playgroup at Wellington House.