Revision Break: The Best Internet Pets

ncs 10/04/2019

Revision sucks. So, take a few minutes out to stare at cute pets. (You’re welcome.) It is National Pet Day after all… 

Five of our faves: GIFS to lose yourself in

Five of our faves: Insta accounts to stalk

Doug the pug

Nala the cat

Siberian Husky Jax

Maya Polar Bear

Smoothie the cat

Five of our faves: Reasons to love AutoPlay

Grumpy Cat, the grumpiest cat in the world

Life of Sammie, a golden retriever who gets up to all sorts

Vanilla Ham Ham, a cute and clever little hamster

Lil Bub, the runt of the litter, who’s loved all the more for her genetic mutations

Jiffpom, the three-time Guinness World Record holding cat