Rosie’s must-try revision tips

ncs 15/02/2019

First of all, you need to be starting revision now. It’s really important to start early so you don’t have a million and one things to do in the summer. It’s stressful enough without extras!

I asked Year 11s in my own school what their main questions were and have answered them below:

Revision timetables
You need to have a really clear revision timetable including the times you can’t revise (like your Friday night out or gaming night) so you know the available hours you have in a week. 

How much time? 
The actual hours to put in for improving grades is around an hour for each subject and two on any subjects you feel really behind on. 

Target grades are a myth
These targets are set by your school for their purposes. I advise you set your own, then go get them! 

If your target for English is a 5 and you want a 6, aim for a 6. Or if your target is a 9 and you would be really happy with a 7, get the 7. Of course you need to revise even if you dislike the subject. You might surprise yourself with the result!

You are a human being!
Remember we all need food and enough sleep (whether that’s six or 12 hours) whatever is right for you to function. No one is expecting you to turn into a revision robot. You need breaks, so take them. Leave the room you revise in, and chill for a bit. 

Should I revise when I feel like it?
Nope, revision isn’t nice, no one would rather revise than go out so you’ll never feel like it. It’s about balancing it. Stick to your timetable and make yourself work hard so you can take the breaks you deserve. It will be worth it on results day. 

Last of all, remember to plan ahead
Make sure you reward yourself at the end of a hard time. Have that chocolate bar, go to that party. You deserve it. If you work hard then whatever happens on results day you know you couldn’t have worked any harder. 

Then when you’ve finished, go and do NCS!! It will help you relax and have fun over the long break. YOU’VE GOT THIS!