Run the Show - Meet the Photography Pro

ncs 11/02/2016
NCS Yes Live Run the Show

Smile for the camera! All you young and inspiring photographers in the making – Run the Show is offering an opportunity of a lifetime for you to snap your way through NCS YES Live 2016. You’ll get to be in the centre of the action where you’ll assist in taking some memorable shots of the YES Live stars working the stage! The Photography Assistant will shadow the YES Live lead photographer, Sam Latham, who’s shared some helpful tips for anyone wanting to take part. This is a rare opportunity for NCS grads to build a portfolio whilst enjoying the show up close and personal!

What goes into taking the ultimate photograph?

It's all about timing. You want to capture a photo that gets across the feeling of that moment in the best way possible. Perhaps with the amount of images we can take on our iPhones we get a bit lazy and take shot after shot of the same moment without thought. But if you can be patient and time it to get that 'money' shot, it's well worth it.

What is composition?

Composing an image means to arrange the subjects or objects in your shot to work best for your photograph. When a wedding photographer is bossing around the wedding party he is simply trying to compose the best shot possible. It's a tricky thing to get right, and takes a lot of practice. It's good to practice with your iPhone, and if you’re feeling really fancy you can make the 'directors square' with your index finger and thumb to compose your image.

What qualities are you looking for in a Photography Assistant?

Someone who will enjoy the experience and will be willing to throw themselves in at the deep end. It's going to be a really fun event and an amazing opportunity for any budding photographer so let's have a great time and take some great shots!

What are you looking forward to most about YES Live?

I am looking forward to the energy and the buzz in the Roundhouse; it is going to be absolutely electric!

What will the Photography Assistant get from this experience?

It’s a great stepping stone towards a professional career. To be able to say you worked on a live gig featuring Tinie Tempah is going to impress and help anyone progress in the industry. Amazing portfolio material that can help someone go far!

What tips would you give to a photographer in the making?

Take loads and loads of photos of everything and use a wide array of subjects. Shoot still life, shoot moving imagery, scenes and people. Take your camera everywhere. Filming also helps you work out lighting and composition. There is a lot you can do with Photoshop these days but it's best to do as little post production as possible. Nothing beats natural light and real moments. 

How will the photography assistant support you at YES Live?

They will need to shoot some great photos, have loads of fun on the day and be full of beans.

Thanks Sam! If you want to take some photographs – that will no doubt last a lifetime – just apply to Run the Show!