Sexuality - seriously, what's the big deal?!

ncs 21/10/2016

Since teaming up with the i newspaper, we’ve found out loads of interesting stuff about what teens have to say about identity. This week we bring you some more insightful stuff, but this time we look at how teens link sexuality to identity. Do they see it as a person being simply gay or straight, or is there more to it? Do they think it’s even a big deal? Read on and find out! 

Years ago, people would define themselves as being either gay or straight, but now young people are typically much more open to other types of sexuality than let’s say, their parents – shocker, right? In fact, teens are less likely than adults (63% vs. 78%) to define themselves as ‘100% heterorsexual’. Even when we asked LGB teens, only 11% said they consider themselves ‘100% gay or lesbian’. What does this mean? It just shows that with each generation, people evolve and become much more open to things – they keep away from these strict binaries people were once used to.

Then we wanted to see if there was a difference between the way males and females think. When we asked them, we noticed that male teens are more likely than female teens (69% vs. 56%) to identify as ‘100% straight’.

So really, the idea of people being ‘just gay’ or ‘just straight’ is not how the teens of today see it. Teens get that sexuality shouldn’t be limited, and is no big deal! Because everyone is of equal value.

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